"Everyone is valued and takes responsibility for the
challenging learning that takes place"

Staff Roles


Richard Lane Executive Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer

Neil Probert Head of School 

Sue Adams Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Jonathan Coleman  Year 3 Teacher/ PE Co-ordinator

Paul Williams Year 3 Teacher/ LKS2 Phase Leader

Katy Dugmore  Year 4 Teacher

Emma Hollis Year 4 Teacher

Jordan Hopkins Year 4 Teacher

Rebecca Hyland Year 4 Teacher

Katerine Willmore Year 4 Teacher

Emma Herbert Year 5 Teacher/SENCO

Alison Lovat Year 5 Teacher/ Science Co-ordinator

Andrew Roberts Year 5 Teacher/English Co-ordinator

Michael Coleman Year 6 Teacher/ ICT Co-ordinator

Chris Plume Year 6 Teacher/ UKS2 Phase Leader

Charlotte Walters Music Teacher

Nicola Brackley  Art Co-ordinator/Community Liaison

Adam Miladowski Maths Co-ordinator

Teaching Assistants

Val Lawson HLTA

Sue Dugmore HLTA

Lisa Hartin HLTA

Denise Leedham Small Intervention Group/TA/ After School Care

Julie Stubbs Small Intervention Group/TA

Pauline Deeming Small Intervention Groups/TA

Gaye Azarzar Arrow Reading Programme/TA/ After School Care

Lorraine Smith Special Needs Support/TA

Louise Williams TA

Lunchtime Supervisors

Sue Rust Lunchtime Officer

Christine Bradford Lunchtime Supervisor

Collette Hearne Lunchtime Supervisor

Justine Boardman Lunchtime Supervisor

Julia Hodgkinson Lunchtime Supervisor

Samantha Payne Lunchtime Supervisor

Joanna Tyrrell Lunchtime Supervisor

Rachel Lines Lunchtime Supervisor

Tracey Watson Lunchtime Supervisor

Julie Key Lunchtime Supervisor

Georgia Aucote Lunchtime Supervisor

Sara Bridge Lunch Time Supervisor

Office Staff

Tanya Matthews Office Manager

Clare Mahon Clerical/First Aid

Family Support Worker

Angie Doxford

Health and Safety/ Site Maintenance

Robert Salek Health & Safety Site Supervisor

Paul Booth Handy Person