"Everyone is valued and takes responsibility for the
challenging learning that takes place"


At Flax Hill Junior Academy we pride ourselves in the musical experiences we offer to pupils.

Musical Instrument Lessons

All year 3 children work under the supervision of a very experienced music teacher to learn to play the violin.( K2M music teaching) They are taught as a whole year group and differentiation is assisted under the supervision of a teaching assistant who works alongside the teacher. The music lessons include singing and reading musical notation, which runs concurrently with the learning of how to play the violin.

Children also have access to local peripatetic teachers who teach brass instruments and string instruments to the children. This is provided free of charge, with the children forming the school orchestra.


Flax Hill Junior Academy choir meet weekly during lunchtimes. Children are taught to sing by an experienced music teacher, who is also a class teacher at Flax Hill, along with two teaching colleagues who provide further support. The children   thoroughly enjoy the activities and particularly their performance sessions. The choir perform to the children and parents in whole school music experiences linked to the orchestra. The choir have also been invited to many out of school venues as a guest choir.

Such venues include:

  • Staffordshire Headteacher Conference
  • West Bromwich Town Hall, musical extravaganza
  • The Coton centre- for charity events on several occasions.
  • A local adult music group, who have a letting at Flax Hill
  • A local secondary Academy, where the choir sang for their school production
  • A local food restaurant, where the choir were invited to sing Christmas carols.

The choir also sing at the end of year School Prom and at Christmas the choir join with the band of a local secondary academy to sing carols in the locality and raise funds for a local charity.


Flax Hill has the very fortunate position of having sufficient children who play instruments and a highly skilled music teacher who together rehearse weekly as an orchestra.

The children learn their individual pieces with their respective peripatetic teacher and then perform as a group. The children play at the annual school musical prom. It is a delight to see that many of our pupils continue to play well into their secondary school years.

They participate alongside the choir in many of the events.