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Everyone is valued and shares responsibility for the challenging learning that takes place

Support for pupils’ welfare and well-being
is a strength of the school - Ofsted Report November 2016

Flax Hill Junior Academy is a warm and welcoming school that provides a safe and nurturing environment for its pupils - Ofsted Report November 2016

all staff go the extra mile to ensure that all pupils in school achieve and attain well - Ofsted Report November 2016

Welcome to Mercia Primary Academy Trust

Mercia Primary Academy Trust was established in January 2014. Working together with the schools in the Trust enables us to develop close-knit professional collaboration that enables us to offer expertise, advice and guidance to improve outcomes for all pupils.

We believe that each school in our Trust will maintain their individual and unique identity but benefit from the school to school support and partnership that we are developing.

Our Academies are part of local neighbourhoods and we believe that education should play a vital part in supporting strong communities. Improving outcomes for our children is always at the centre of our thinking and we understand the complex responsibilities that education has. Our ethos is centred on a model of inclusion, equality, healthy relationships and resilience.